Etienne Bernardot

Visual creation, scenography, light design
Le Sonart
First working session with the Sonart company at Stéréolux, Nantes, March 2019.

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Visual performance
Le Sonart Company

Electric guitars, effects, samplers: David Chevallier
Battery increased: Florian Chaigne
Laptop, Usine: Sylvain Thévenard
Live video creation: Etienne Bernardot

Sound sculptors, texture mixers, form designers, three musicians join a videographer to create a visual and sound unclassifiable maelstrom.
Dreamlike atmospheres, mechanical delights, crystalline lace and walls of sounds cohabit within forms improvised and yet rigorously organized.
The energy and inventiveness of the guitar / drums are transcended by electronic treatments. Machines underline, superimpose, and sometimes oppose acoustic sounds.
The manipulation of objects and materials live, is filmed and processed by video, to create amazing images, phantasmagoric.
Video and audio machines are connected for greater interaction.
A visual and sound trip in terra incognita.

First working time at Stéréolux in Nantes in March 2019

[ visUal Live ]

Conception: Ilia Gilbertas et Etienne Bernardot
Visual creation: Ilia Gilbertas et Etienne Bernardot

[visUal Live] Live] is adaptable and evolutive performance in relation to the sound environment offered by the musician.
Visual creation is done directly by manipulating objects, materials, lights and images generated by a computer. A camera captures this manipulation and then projects on screen. .

First performance with the musician Rohan1000 on 1 April 2017 at the Gendarmerie, Vitry-sur-Seine

Digital Walla

Visual creation: Etienne Bernardot and Mathieu Sanchez
Production: Crossed Lab

Digital Walla is an experience, a cross between Indian and French cultures, between video art, sound, dance and the game of the present time...

This is an opportunity offered by the Sandscape festival, a cross-cultural will to meet Indian and French cultures, arts and technologies.

The logic of overproduction is omnipresent. India is thus a country largely impacted by these mechanisms of material overproduction at the same time as it is a crossroads of immaterialities: cultures, religions, knowledge intersect in this space with borders so wide that they seem infinite.
We want to explore these frontiers: technology, production and art. Recovering visual, sound and physical materials (objects found throughout our journey), which will represent our immediate perception and sensitive, reactive, to discover this continent. It is this material that we will share with artists (dancers, musicians, videographers) and artisans of Rajasthan, partners of Sandscape, for a unique performance.

We will start with a residency and creative home at the art center What about art? in Mumbai then go to Rajasthan meet the artists and craftsmen with whom we will work.
Travel from January 25 to February 12, 2017 ... to the other, this unknown brother we look forward to meet.

TEMPS RÉELS, audio and video performance

Visual creation and scénography: Etienne Bernardot
Sound creation: Stéphane Bissières

TEMPS RÉELS is a Techno / Experimental performance in which the public is a spectator of each stage of sound and visual electronic creation. Manipulation is an integral part of the representation.

The system is designed to be in constant interaction with its operators. Depending on the location and the audience, the duo modulates their proposal: from the experimental "industrial" to a broad and electric Techno. The minimal percussion hypnotizes and evolves organically towards an industrial structure by generating radical geometric constructions projected on a transparent basin. Filmed and reprojected, they play with perspectives and materials, questioning the representation of the real through the perception of the image, the sound sensation and time.

Sound and visual aesthetics are directly related, the improvised music on electronic device is inspired by American minimalists, acousmatic but also minimal German hypnotic initiated by Basic Channel.

Selection de concerts : Le Hublot (Nice, Sept. 2013), Nuit Blanche (Bruxelles, Oct. 2013), Festival Vision’R (Lille, Nov. 2013), Pavillon des artistes (Paris, Dec. 2013), Datacenter (Paris, Jan. 2014), Festival Vidéoformes (Clermont Ferrand, March 2014), Festival Electrochoc (Lyon, April 2014), Le Tétris (Le Havre, Fev. 2014), Cité des Sciences (Paris, April 2014), Festival de Cannes (Bateau Arte, May 2014), Trabendo (june 2015) etc.

TV program Tracks (Arte) devoted a report on the generative art and especially on " Temps Réels " the 05/04/2014:,CmC=7829384.html


Visual creation: Etienne Bernardot and Mathieu Sanchez
Sound creation: Jaromil Perinsky

This project is being created. We did a first job at Fées d'Hiver:

FROM 2000 TO 2010

Etienne Bernardot created several visual performances between 2000 and 2010 in collaboration with several musicians, such as Polaroïd, xtronik, Gast Fall ... He has performed in several concert halls, such as Mains d'Oeuvre, le Lieu Unique, le Divan du Monde... and several festivals.