Etienne Bernardot

Visual creation, scenography, light design
Le Sonart
First working session with the Sonart company at Stéréolux, Nantes, March 2019.

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Living art

Conception: Ilia Gilbertas and Etienne Bernardot
Choreography and interpretation: Ilia Gilbertas
Visuel creation: Etienne Bernardot
Music: Nadir
Partners: Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur, Kakesini et The Bee
Production: ILIAEB

[Substrat] is an in situ, visual and evolving performance, directly related to the geographical environment and the proposals of the musician / s, dancer (s).
The essence of this project is the meeting of various artistic and cultural worlds. It is a piece destined to travel, to evolve, to grow as and when meetings and places.
For the first stage of this project we will be in Malaysia from 1st to 21st October 2018.


Composition and artistic direction: Maflohé Passedouet
Choreography:Maiko Hasegawa, Mamoru Sakata
Visuel creation: Etienne Bernardot
Music Creation: Stéphane Bissières
Singer Nagauta: Saki Kineya
Dancers: Mana Kawamura, Naoya Sakata, Maiko Hasegawa, Mamoru Sakata

Kururi has three meanings in Japanese: to roll, to come and to go crazy.

After a first collaboration for the French-Japanese creation SURU, the Mobilis-Imobilis Company and the Tarinof Dance Cie join forces again to create KURURI by enriching themselves with 4 dancers on stage and a traditional Japanese singer. Kururi combines music created in real time following the dance and the voice, video in real time thanks to a singular device, contemporary dance and traditional Japanese songs.

The sound pushes the bodies little by little in the extreme of the movement and in the paroxism of the song. The video invades the space to resonate, in response to the music.

[cabarEt nuMerique]

Conception: Ilia Gilbertas and Etienne Bernardot
Choreography: Ilia Gilbertas
Visual creation: Etienne Bernardot
Performers: Ilia Gilbertas and Juliette Brulin
Production: ILIAEB company, La Fileuse, Reims

With this new creation the duo iliaeb revisits the universe of the Review of Music Hall.
Combining the experience of Ilia - choreographer and dancer - in cabaret around the world and that of Etienne in digital creation live, the duo appropriates the most famous numbers: Feathers, French Cancan and Contortion.
Sublimating the body and highlighting the grace and lightness of the dancers, the Feathers have become over the years the emblem of Music Hall. No review worthy of the name without them.
ILIAEB takes this symbol and gives it a new dimension. The duo does not just adorn his dancers, he tries to give life.
Support and pretext for video projection, they become an extension of the body of the dancers. The choreography, while keeping the strict codes of the numbers of Plumes, integrates them not only as element of costumes, but especially as partners of «Girls». The French Cancan meanwhile, to a revolutionary history..
First reserved for men, the so-called «Cavalier Seul» dance is very quickly taken up by women.
They all invent a series of steps intended to mock and even ridicule the clergy, the army and the established order in general. The speed of the footwork is of paramount importance, allowing one to glimpse the underwear without ever showing it, the women thus claiming a form of sexual freedom.
ILIAEB pays tribute to this furious and furious dance, placing it in the current context. Without ever distorting the choreographic technique, the games of lights and videos focus sometimes on the skirt, sometimes on the legs, and always on the symbolic.
For these first two numbers, the digital visual creation is produced live through the manipulation by the videographer of different materials in a module arranged on stage. Thus will be taken by a camera the material inherent in the magazine - cloth, feathers, rhinestones ...- as well as graphic elements generated by the music - visual paterns of Art Deco inspiration, to be projected on the bodies and costumes of the two dancers.

[ OxO ] Performance Numérique Vivante

Conception: Ilia Gilbertas and Etienne Bernardot
Choreography and performance: Ilia Gilbertas
Visual creation: Etienne Bernardot
Music creation: Joan Giner
Production: ILIAEB company

in process of creation

[OxO] brings together three artists from different horizons in a stage, visual and sound performance.
This show combines dance, live sound and visual creation and video mapping. It consists of several tableau of different visual and musical universes.
Faithful to their favorite theme, the duo iliaeb plays here on the perception disorder, the illusion, the researcher in search of beyond what is immediately perceptible in order to create a sensitive show.
This performance consists of several tableau as a form of dance with video projection on the body of the interpreter, of music and video projected in cartography on the scenographic elements.
The visual creation is generated by the music and then projected on different elements that are manipulated in live, captured by a camera and then rebroadcast. The manipulated elements are also smoke, water, matter, objects. In the same way, the body of a dancer is alternately a projection surface and a matter of visual creation.
The digital tool serves as a link to dance, music and video

[ Hiatus ] Danse Connectée

Conception: Etienne Bernardot and Ilia Gilbertas
Choreography and performance: Ilia Gilbertas
Visual creation and scenography: Etienne Bernardot
Sound creation: Stéphane Monteiro
Production: ILIAEB company

[Hiatus] brings real-time dance, video, music and light together with a sensor: the Kinect. The gesture is captured, retransmitted and analyzed, triggering a visual and audible response to which it responds in turn.

For the artists it is a reversal of the conventional codes of the show. Hiatus not only connects the living with the digital, it links them to each other. The dancer precedes the music, leads and plays video. She is both an interpreter and conductor, she triggers and reacts. Play with digital elements and in fact its stage partners.

By introducing a physical body and enabling it to act through dance on the technological tool, our will is to make sensitive and visible the intervention of the Human in the digital work and thus give it a dimension other than Virtual. The body, as a disruptive and / or triggering element, thus comes somehow to "hack" the machine.

Hiatus is looking for a new digital writing by playing the errors and possible latencies of the machine by the body. The latter is neither the puppet of the digital tool nor a body augmented by it, it is a body in constant dialogue with this tool. The digital tool is somewhere considered to be a separate entity.

Hiatus is a Live Digital Art Show

Choreography and performance: Maiko Hasegawa and Mamoru Sakata
Direction: Maflohé Passedouet
Visual creation: Etienne Bernardot
Sound creation: Stéphane Bissières

Production: Mobilis Immobilis company and Tarinof company

Dance, video, music in real time

SURU questions the relationships between beings, the attachment, physical proximity, imaginary but also the friction, the rupture and the energy of the movement.

The bodies of the two dancers, who are very much identified at the beginning by their own energy and gestures, change little by little until they moult and become immersed in the porosity of the other and the external environment generated. We are witnessing a metamorphosis here.

Selection of dates: Soirées IRL (Paris, Feb. 2014), Le Hublot (Nice, Feb. 2015), Japan Futurnow (Antibes, May. 2015).


Conception, direction, video co-création, performance: Judith Baudinet
Choreography and performance: Ilia Gilbertas, Lucile Trouttet
Video co-création, light design, computer programming: Etienne Bernardot
Music: OP.9
Production: KSKF

"It's time", Is an expressionist fiction dealing with the modern world.

It is a plastic and sensitive proposal that explores fantasized figures from the audiovisual industries and entertainment.

A show that speaks from the point of view of women.

A critical reflection in action, which questions the relationships we have with images, our memory, time, fiction and reality.

Selection of dates: Festival Vision'R (Paris, May 2010), Festival "Sortie de Chantier" (Paris, April. 2010), Opera de Massy (Massy, April. 2013), Festival Labomatique (Dijon, Nov. 2009), Centre Riberioux (Créteil, Nov. 2009), etc.

Des Morts et Merveilles

Conception, video co-création: Judith Baudinet
Video co-création, light design, computer programming: Etienne Bernardot
Music: Xtronik et Drumpixhel
Production: KSKF

Eleven short films revisit the modern history of images and body.

Eleven original music, at the crossroads of electronica and accousmatic, circulate in space and organize a course.

Crossed images, videos projected on a multitude of slices of translucent canvases, invite the audience to circulate in the space. This architecture of canvases forms mobile volumes, which reveal themselves or disappear in the intertwining of the light with the projections videos.

Concerning the sound, our will is to multiply the points of view by working the spatialization of sounds and music in 8 + 2. Visitors are also driven to follow the movements of sound.

This show-installation is a mobile architecture that changes according to the topology of the place. The organization of this set allows the viewer to become part of this visual environment and this sound journey.

Selection of dates: La Tannerie (Barjols, Jul. 2007), Féesti'Val (Embrun, Jul. 2006), Théâtre de Verre (Paris, Nov. 2007), etc...

Passage de la Fonderie

Performer: Laurent Chanel
Conception, scénography, video co-création: Judith Baudinet
Video co-création: Etienne Bernardot
Music: Xtronik et Drumpixhel
Production: KSKF

The collective KSKF invests the passage of the Foundry. Reclaiming the urban space, the space of a few hours, a few days ... KSKF revisits and reprojette the passage of the Foundry on itself. Double videoprojection and multicast sound.